About Us

NextNDT Technology, Inc.

NextNDT Technology Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative state-of-the-art non-destructive testing (NDT) ultrasound instruments for a wide range of NDT industrial and medical industries.  Our R&D teams and manufacturing facilities are situated in the two great economies – America & China – that gives us many advantages at being the best and most competitive in the ULTRASOUND industry.

World-Class Manufacturing

Each of our products is backed by decades of engineering experiences that are produced by world-class manufacturing facilities all certified by both the

ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016

Quality Management System.

NextSpot Series: End-to-End Solutions

Our NextSpot 600, our phrased-array ultrasonic spot-weld detector system, is an example of our fine engineering feat where we design and manufacture everything from the 64 channels phased array ultrasonic probes, to our fast and highly accurate NDT digital image processing computer system, and to our  intuitive but yet powerful spot-weld software management and reporting system that our customers rave about.

NextPROBE: Leading-Edge UT Probes

The same manufacturing team and facility that produce the world-class quality probe for our NextSpot series equipment, also produces the latest leading-edge ultrasound probes, PAUT (phased-array ultrasound) probes, TOFD probes, medical imaging probes, and customized probes.  

If Toyota, Volkswagen, Chanan Automobile and other top global automotive companies trust us for using our UT probes to conduct their safety NDT inspections, so can you.


Whether your products require pre-made probes that match your equipment specification or if you have specific probe requirements that require customization, our expert R&D team is here to help with every step from the conception to production. 

What are you waiting for? Give us a call or write us for a free consultation. 

Robotic Automations

At NextNDT, we thrive on being innovative, bold, and being the first. We understand that robotics automated inspection is the future for NDT inspection methods.  We are currently working with key robotic professionals and manufacturers in Europe, America, China, and Japan in this advanced industry.  Interested in a partnership? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

1000s of Satisfied Clients

Our NDT equipment and probes are used by 1000s of satisfied clientele worldwide.  Toyota, Changan Automotive, Volkswagen, and Nissan as just some of the few. 


Our goal is to be the leader in building best-of-class ULTRASONIC equipment and probes for the NDT and MEDICAL industry . 

Every day, millions around the world are benefiting from our products and services. 

Please join us, together we can make the world a SAFER place.