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Transportation Industry

With our innovative R&D team world-class manufacturing facility, you can count on us on delivering to you best-of-class products and services for the power generation sector.  Our state-of-the-art phased-array, UT, TOFD probes, and scanners & wedges can enhance your industrial instrument inspections with better performance, accuracy and more competitive cost savings.  

Whether your applications require precise safety inspections in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Railway industry we have a PROBE for that.  And if not, our OEM | ODM team can help customize one for you from conception to production.


Key Applications

Metal Components:

  • Crack Detection
  • Direct Conductivity Measurement
  • Conductivity or Permeability Changes of Ferrous or Nonferrous Materials – Alloy Sorting
  • Conductive Coating Thickness Measurement
  • Nonconductive Coating Thickness Measurement
  • Rivet Boundary Wear Inspection
  • Plate Thickness Measurement
  • Delamination Detection of Coating

Metal Airframe and Fuselage:

  • Fasterner Row Inspection
  • Skin Lap Joints
  • Butt Joints

Multilayer Structures:

  • Corrosion
  • Skin Cracks
  • Fasterner Cracks
  • Lap-Joint Edges

Bolt Hole:

  • Fastener in Place - Surface probe crack detection external
  • Fastener Removed - Rotating scan crack detection internal

Wheels and Landing Gear Legs:

  • Bead Seat Early Crack Detection
  • Crack Detection
  • Void Detection in Cast

Engine/Engine Attachment/Pylon:

  • Crack Detection in Turbine Blade
  • Void Detection in Turbine Core


  • Delamination Detection
  • Fiber Density Variations
  • Stress Dependent Changes in Electrical Properties
  • Volumetric Assessment of Stress and Damage Conditions
  • Porosity Assessment
  • Void and Foreign Material Detection


  • Adhesive Bond Quality
  • Core Crush Detection

Key Applications

Improper heat treatment conditions:

  • Shallow Case Depth
  • Short Heat
  • Misplaced Case
  • Delayed Quench
  • Short Quench
  • No heat treatment
  • Air Cooled

Material Mix:

  • Hardness variation

Crack and Flaw Detection:

  • Exposed Metallic Surface
  • Hidden Metallic Near Surface

Thread and Feature Verification:

  • Partial, Incorrect, or Damaged Threads
  • Oversized or Undersized Threads
  • Broken Taps
  • Incorrect or Missing Feature
  • Missing Holes

Assembly Verification:

  • Validate Presence of External Component
  • Verify Existence of Concealed Overmolded Part
  • Check for Component Orientation
  • Incorrect or Missing Feature
  • Part Quantity Testing


Key Applications

Wheel and Axle:

  • Maintenance Inspection of Train Wheels
  • Maintenance Inspection of Hollow and Solid Train Wheel Axles


  • In-service Train Rail Inspection
  • Inspection of Cast Manganese Frogs (crossing point) After Manufacturing, “In Lieu of RT”