That is great! Depending on what you want and which region you are in, the best is the find the right contact person HERE, or write to us directly using the form below.

Where can i get support ?

You can find more support info HERE

I want to join your team?

We are always seeking new talent, please email us directly to info@nextndt.com and attached your resume. 

We are interested in becoming your distributor, how?

Love to hear from you! But depending on the region you are interested in, there may be some restrictions.  Please email us directly or contact us by using the form below and tell us more about your company’s background. 

NextNDT Technology, Inc.

1580 Oakland Rd, Suite C209

San Jose, CA 95131, USA


Phone: + 1 858.333.NEXT (6398)

Fax: + 1 650.980.8998

Email: info@nextndt.com