NextLINK Series


T h e N e x t - G e n PA UT TFM / FMC S c a n n e r


Cutting-Edge Performance

PA/UT pulser and receiver configuration: 64:128PR

Max focal laws: 8192

Max data throughput: 2GB/s

Digitizing Frequency: 100MHz/200Mhz

Pulser Voltage (PA): 100V/200V

Bandwidth (PA): 0.4Mhz to 25MHz

Connectivity: Wifi, 3.0 USB, Gigabit Ethernet, MiniDP, Remote Management


NextLINK is the most versatile NEXT generation high – performance PA UT with Total Focusing Method (TFM) and Full Matrix Capture (FMC) Analyzer.

When using FMC and TFM, the NextLINK series has advanced phased array ultrasonic technology with better performance and operating speed, equipped with professional system data acquisition and analysis software to provide flexible and scalable solutions for various industrial NDT applications.

Key Features

NextLINK offers advanced multiple stacking

NextLINK systems are scalable for automated inspections from 64:128 configurations and beyond.

* Data transfer rates up to 8 GB/s
* Up to 4 simultaneous NextLINKs

NextLINK integrated multi-system can significantly increase inspection speed and greater accuracy and can be equipped with:

* An unlimited number of probes.
* An unlimited number of Group settings.
* Over 13k+ aggregation rules.

NextLINK has an IP65 degree of protection. Its external case is equipped with an external fan for optimized cooling.

Fast programming

The optimized NextLINK communication process greatly reduces programming and detection and staff training time.

Strong and Sturdy

NextLINK is built for harsh environments that can be integrated into real-world production conditions. It is IP65 rated with its housing is optimized for heat dissipation.

NextLINK Stacking

Advanced Phased Array Mode

Based on the 3D ultrasound simulation computer system (NextCAL) with independent intellectual property rights, the application is efficient and practical:

① 3D CAD import configuration
② Linear, matrix, DLA, DMA, chrysanthemum, ring, sector probes
③ PE, TOFD, PAUT, FMC, PWI, TFM imaging technology

Real-time full matrix acquisition (FMC) and full aggregation method (TFM)

FMC and TFM are currently recognized as one of the highest and fastest resolutions PAUT technologies used in high-speed ultrasonic testing.

TFM can be implemented on the local machine of NextLINK. NextLINK combines real-time array data acquisition (FMC) capability with massive data throughput, allowing the device to provide faster and increased image processing power, with more accurate images, and a larger evaluation examination area.

NextLINK Sideview

High-speed data transfer

with 2G/s high-speed data transmission using phased array technology.

NextLINK Sideview

NextACQ Acquisition Software

NextACQ is NextLINK's latest acquisition software dedicated to advanced phased array UT, TFM, and FMC imaging.


Advanced Offline Analysis Software NextANA

with 2G/s high-speed data transmission using phased array technology.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

* In addition to acquisition software, Eintiq also provides a custom-based.
* The software development kit (SDK) for the application.
* Interface to fully automated inspection solutions.
* Full control of NextACQ software (remote server) in real-time: gain, TCG, doors, alarms, encoders, etc.
* Real-time data retrieval (data server).
* Language/OS/PC independent.

Fast & Accurate


Aerospace and defense industry transportation

In recent decades, the aerospace and defense industry's continuous development has strengthened the overall requirements of its suppliers. Due to spacecraft flaw detection is highly critical and flaws are difficult to detect, this has put a lot of pressure on manufacturers to see more advanced flaw analyzer systems such as NextLINK.

Non-destructive testing of in-service aircraft:

* Aircraft Surface Skin Damage and Corrosion Detection.
* Aircraft landing gear.
* Aircraft fuselage composites.
* Aircraft fastener holes.
* Aircraft Bolt Inspection.
* Internal Defect Detection of Aircraft Engine Fan Blades.
* Aircraft fuselage rivet inspection (to prevent falling off).


* Composite workpiece.
* Honeycomb Structure Reinforced Composite Workpiece.
* Friction Stir Weld (FSW).


High-speed rail component manufacturers have strict quality control requirements in not only the train wheels and axles that often require periodic testing cycles to ensure that the rail system must meet safety integrity.


* train wheel.
* train axle.
* high-speed rail.
* train wheelset.

Manufacture of Metal and Processing

Depending on the requirements, manufacturers in the foundry industry must use the highest standard quality parts. Therefore, these manufacturers need to use high-performance inspection solutions to complete extremely stringent inspections, and the inspection cycle time must also be reduced to optimize production rates.


* Heavy Forgings.
* pipe.
* flat.
* bar.

Petroleum and natural gas

The oil and gas industry has instituted strict inspection testing requirements to ensure environmental and public safety. Periodic testing of oil and gas products is required to monitor the degradation of the product to avoid accidental occurrences.


* Welds (including austenitic alloys).
* Corrosion imaging.
* AUT welding of oil and gas
* long-distance pipelines.
* Seam and Corrosion Inspection.

NextSOFT Studio - TFM/FMC

NextSOFT Studio

NextSCAN includes NextSOFT, our time-tested, powerful, yet easy-to-use software. NextSOFT has many advanced features and functions to assist in capturing all your Parallel PA & TFM UT signals. Most importantly, NextSOFT delivers to you the highest real-time 3D imaging and resolution the industry has to offer with many options via A, C, and S scans.


Probe/Sensor Is What Sets Us Apart


NextNDT is the probe and sensor manufacturer with a dedicated team of hardware and software experts standing behind every purchase.

Isn't it nice to know that the engineers that build and design NextSCAN's circuit boards and software work side-by-side with the engineers that build the probes - the eye of the system? With ever-growing complex NDT issues in the industry today, NextNDT, with all in-house engineers, can help customize a tailor-made solution specifically for you, everything from the hardware, software, and sensors. At NextNDT, we can build it faster, better, and more economical than our competitors, we guarantee it.