NextSCAN Series


T h e N e x t - G e n PA UT TFM / FMC S c a n n e r

Cutting-Edge Performance

PA/UT pulser and receiver configuration: 64:128PR

Max focal laws: 8192

Max data throughput: 2GB/s

Digitizing Frequency: 100MHz/200Mhz

Pulser Voltage (PA): 100V/200V

Bandwidth (PA): 0.4Mhz to 25MHz

Storage: 256GB SSD - up to 1 Tb

Connectivity: Wifi, 3.0 USB, Gigabit Ethernet, MiniDP, Remote Management


NextSCAN is the most versatile NEXT generation high – performance PAUT with Total Focusing Method (TFM) and Full Matrix Capture (FMC) Analyzer.

NextSCAN encompasses a full spectrum of UT features from conventional UT to single-beam and multi-group phased-array UT with 3-encoded axis capabilities in an ultra-compact, portable, yet rugged field device. Below are some highlights:

  • Total Focusing Method (TFM) – Real-Time High Resolution
  • Full Matrix Capture (FMC) – Up to 128 Elements
  • 64 Channel Code-Compliant Phased Array Ultrasound (PAUT)

With a 12 inches brightly lit resistive touch screen that is suitable even for outdoor, it is powered by 2 hot-swappable batteries that can reach up to 5 hours of usage.

Key Features


Fully embedded PAUT software for all techniques - from application design to inspection and reporting

Streamlined intuitive user interface limiting training time and reducing operator errors

Complete probe and scanner databased embedded

Fast and easy setup with direct single-click wizards

NextSCAN Sub-Main


Complete toolbox for TFM including TCG calibration

Ultra-high imaging TFM imaging up to 128 elements

3-axis nozzle inspection with live overlay display

3-axis paintbrush for composite and corrosion mapping

Real-time Adaptive TFM (ATFM) for inspection of wavy surfaces


Fast & Accurate


Multi-group weld inspection procedures fully covered

HTHA and hydrogen damages inspection with TFM

Thick welds and CRA/stainless steel weld inspection enhanced with 128-element aperture

Corrosion mapping of large areas

Up to 5 x 5 m/ 1 mm step

Complex geometry dedicated solution for nozzle and fillet welds (Y and T joints)

NextSOFT Studio - TFM/FMC

NextSOFT Studio

NextSCAN includes NextSOFT, our time-tested, powerful, yet easy-to-use software. NextSOFT has many advanced features and functions to assist in capturing all your Parallel PA & TFM UT signals. Most importantly, NextSOFT delivers to you the highest real-time 3D imaging and resolution the industry has to offer with many options via A, C, and S scans.


Probe/Sensor Is What Sets Us Apart


NextNDT is the probe and sensor manufacturer with a dedicated team of hardware and software experts standing behind every purchase.

Isn't it nice to know that the engineers that build and design NextSCAN's circuit boards and software work side-by-side with the engineers that build the probes - the eye of the system? With ever-growing complex NDT issues in the industry today, NextNDT, with all in-house engineers, can help customize a tailor-made solution specifically for you, everything from the hardware, software, and sensors. At NextNDT, we can build it faster, better, and more economical than our competitors, we guarantee it.