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NextSPOT 600
NextSPOT 300


Your NextSPOT series automotive spot weld flaw detector is a high performance instrument.  Let our NextSPOT accessories take it to the NEXT level by taking advantage of the accessories below. 

Phased-Array Probes

Whether you are looking for a replacement probe or need a custom probe to solve your problems, as a ultrasound probe manufacturer, let us know we will find a solution for you.

Different Size Probes

Beside our standard 10 mm phased-array ultrasound probe, we also carry the 15 mm and 20 mm probes to help tackle your problems.

Remote Control

Looking for a replacement or get the our latest slim profile remote control for your NextSPOT series spot weld flaw detector system


Need a custom cable to meet your specifications, let us know.



There are many ultrasound couplant in the marketplace, but we highly recommend that you use our special formulated couplant made specifically for the automotive industry. In addition, it helps protects your highly valuable probes.


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Your NextSPOT 600 comes standard with one battery, but the system can hold two. If you are out on the field and need additional juice to extend operation time, we highly recommend getting another one or for spare.

Delay Line

Comes in a pack of 10. Use our specially designed delay line for greater accuracy and protect your valuable probe.