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NextSPOT 600
PAUT Probes

Power Generation Industry

With our innovative R&D team world-class manufacturing facility, you can count on us on delivering to you best-of-class products and services for the power generation sector.  Our state-of-the-art phased-array, UT, TOFD probes, and scanners & wedges can enhance your industrial instrument inspections with better performance, accuracy and more competitive cost savings. 


Whether your applications require inspecting nuclear facilities to heavy fossil processing equipment, we have a PROBE for that.  And if not, our OEM | ODM team can help customize one for you from conception to production.


Key Applications

Steam Generator Tubing Inspections:

  • PWR
  • VVER
  • Military

RPV and Primary Circuit Inspections:

  • Vessel Weld
  • RPV Head and Bottom Penetrations
  • Fuel Rod/RCCA
  • CANDU Feeder Tube
  • Austenitic and Dissimilar Weld

Turbine Inspections:

  • Blade and Blade Root
  • Rotor Shaft
  • Retaining Ring
  • Hubs

Secondary and Tertiary Circuit Inspections:

  • Heat Exchanger Tubing
  • Thimble Tube/RIC
  • Waste Fuel Pool
  • Pipe Weld
  • Corrosioin

Key Applications

Turbine Inspections:

  • Blade and Blade Root
  • Rotor Shaft
  • Retaining Ring
  • Hubs

Heat Exchanger and Other Tubing Inspections:

  • Tubing
  • Lube Oil
  • Thimble Tube/RIC

Vessel Piping and Tank Inspections:

  • Boiler Tube Weld
  • Corrosion